My Thank You cards are still sitting here on the table, waiting to be mailed. They were printed two months ago, written one month ago, addressed two weeks ago, and now are still waiting for stamps.

Which goes to show that they are right—your habits don’t magically change with marriage.

But you knew that.

I’m still the same chaotic, unapologetic procrastinator. Except of course, with things like mid-morning tea breaks, or one more chapter , or let’s stop and rearrange the living room ( 10 times and counting!).

I’m processing more than changing these days.

It’s a lot to take in.

True North Strong and Free moving to the heart of God Bless America.  No CBC radio, just lots of Rush Limbaugh.  Middle-of-nowhere wilderness to small town USA.  Single, independent nurse suddenly a married woman.  Non-denominational church plant member becomes Mennonite wife. From snow to rain, lakes to grass fields, OHIP to Obama care, bannock to casseroles, guitars to acapella, and everything in between.

I’m the same person, but so much of the exterior identity has drastically changed in such a short time.

What does one even do with that?

So I process everything slowly, a little at a time. Sometimes quietly in my own thoughts and prayers and sometimes very loudly to Justin or whoever will listen.

Graceful transitions have never been my strong point.

Although, as we learned in Sunday school, our identity is in Christ, we are not static beings. We grow and then we shift and sometimes we slide a little backwards. We all can feel a little lost in the middle, when who we were has slipped away  and who we are becoming is still sliding in.

That is where I am right now.