So I got married.


67 days ago I was carried down the aisle a married woman, homemade veil catching on his boutonniere , feeling weightless and a little  dazed.

After a wild three month engagement that included moving across the country,  planning a wedding, a nasty bout with influenza, and packing to move my entire life to Oregon, I was ready for that day to be here. It was a beautiful, chaotic celebration of Grace. Just as we prayed it would be.

It is hard to believe we are on this side of things. That all the cracks in  the broken road came together at last, healed, and we are married.

We spent a week in log cabin for our honeymoon, listening to the rain on the tin roof and feeding the woodstove. Basically the most relaxing thing I’d done in months.

I moved to Oregon. Rain. Fog. Green grass. Mountains. I love it so much. Always have.

I moved into this house.DSC_6890



We got poison oak like it was going out of style. See my defiled face below. Along with my healed face so you know I didn’t stick like that.


We also adopted two little birds, Fili and Kili. They chirp and flutter in my living room and take bathes in old jar lids. Justin just smiles when I coo over them.


New folder (2)1

My words, in written form at least,  seem all stopped up inside since leaving Slate Falls. As I told Justin, I feel like there is a large cork keeping them all nicely squished down. I’m trying to write again but it is painful right now. So I will leave you with this short update and the reassurance that I am still trying.

(Wedding pictures by the amazing Justin Mullet Photography)