The purpose of this blog was never to keep people updated on my life events. 

You really don’t want to know that I wrote an essay in four hours last night or that I got glasses today or that my new socks have rubbery stuff on the bottom so I don’t fall down the stairs anymore.

That is the kind of stuff that only mothers and aunts and boyfriends act interested in.

And, as usual, I give a long explanation as to why I’m not following a rule, which is probably still an conditioned response from trying to make my awkwardness appear less so.

I am giving you an update on my life.

Mostly this news.

In one month, I am packing my boots and stethoscope and heading up HERE for about three months.

I will be completing my pre-graduate experience at the small clinic.

Where I spoke my first words, prattled everyone’s ear off, learned to not touch a hot wood stove, and called my lifejacket “Special”

The little girl is grown a bit, but she hopes the north still remembers her chattering ways and blue eyes.


(Oh, and I said it on a post that is no more, so in case the message wasn’t read….For all of you who left such kind words on the last post, Thank you. Truly. You blessed me. )