You gave me three words when I needed them the most. You wrote them at the end of cards, typed them in emails, and embroidered them on a handbag. You have walked close to my heart without flinching, handing me tastes of hope until I fell into its ocean. Today I have no answers, lots of questions, and firm reality that hope comes from a heart barren, joy from tears, and beauty from the ashes of sacrifice. Joy will come in the morning. I’m holding onto that. For you.
I love you, woman.

“Chosen, Loved, Pursued”



until this breaks into something more
than pieces of dreams and slivers of past smiles
until memories stop haunting
every sleepless night and the unguarded moments,
when you forget the pain long enough to
wince when you come crashing back into the reality.
until the day
(it’s coming, you know)
when you uncurl your heart and find it
whole again,
until you can see, as I do,
that your are becoming more beautiful
that there is hope for your dreams
and plenty of Love for your heart
you can see past the ache,
the tears
I will believe for you,
my dear ,dear friend