Lately, I think about sleeping a lot. I even dream about sleeping.

Not being fully adapted to hospital shift hours probably has something to do with it. Or maybe because the first thing I ask my patients is, “How was your night?” And then usually get an earful about how awful it was.

This new thought fad was spinning rather out of control the other night as I was lying awake trying (you guessed it)  to fall asleep. I started pondering upon all the weird things that affect my sleeping habits. I realized patterns that I had never realized before.

I started to think that maybe I was really off my rocker. Then I wondered how many other people have weird traditions around their sleep too.

For example…

— If my blanket smells like a cross between an attic, the outdoors, old pine boards, and wood smoke I sleep better. You don’t know what I’m talking about unless you’ve smelt it. The other day I changed my blanket to one that had been in storage ever since we moved. The minute I smelled it I knew there would be no insomnia for me that night.

— Trains = sleep in  my mind. I hear a train whistle and I get sleepy. Literally. And if I’m laying awake and hear a train in the distance, my body instantly relaxes, and I’m out like a light. I have no idea why.

— Every night, before I fall asleep I curl up right against the wall. I’ve done this every night since I was tiny. I always have my bed against the wall and I always sleep right up against it. Here again, I have no idea why.

–I almost always wear socks to bed. If I don’t, I know what will happen—an hour later I’ll end up searching in the dark for a pair, because my feet with be frozen. My feet always get cold when I sleep. Always. And I cannot sleep when my feet are cold.

–If I can see stars from my bed, I fall asleep faster. My bed used to always be positioned so I could see out a window. Stars make me feel safe for some odd reason. But since moving to the city I have resigned myself to starless windows.

This list does go on

—but I shall spare you.

This, then, is my question….

Do other people have odd traditions to do with sleep? Or do I need just stop embarrassing myself?